I travel a lot. Sometimes I do a lot of research before I choose where I’m going. More often, I get an idea, buy a guide-book, get a plane ticket, book some hotels and take off. If I know a friend has been to a place I’m about to see, I will call  or write to ask their advice on my destination. I am also happy when people ask me for travel advice about places I’ve been, so thought I’d offer up some advice without being asked.

So this blog serves several purposes. It replaces a diary of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. It’s meant as a way of sharing advice with friends on what worked in my travels and what I’d have done differently, what was worth seeing and what was disappointing. Hopefully, someone can benefit from my mistakes.  A lot of the time I will write about places I have been a year or several ago, so this is also a way of reminding myself of the cool stuff that I’ve been lucky enough to see. If I have a good guide, travel agent or hotel to recommend in a particular destination, I will gladly do it. If a place is best visited independently, I will say so. If I know of a good book to read or movie to see for context before checking out a particular place, I will gladly mention it. If I read a good article on something mentioned in the blog, I will link to it.

Sites like Trip Advisor are great, for checking out an average rating, of a hotel or travel agency, but without knowing the person writing, you don’t really know how credible their review is. The idea here is to share stories and advice between friends, who like to see new places, meet new people, do new things.  So, friends, if you want to post here – you’re welcome. Send me a note and we will figure out the best way to get your stories and pictures on here.

Big thanks to my fellow travelers. You know who your are.