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The Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Visited in January 2015.

With average annual temperatures of 34-35 degrees Celsius, the Danakil Depression close to the Eritrean border in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia is known as the hottest (barely) inhabited place on Earth. Arid and inhospitable as it is, this part of the country offers some of the most unforgettable and unique landscapes and experiences in the world. To give you some idea, imagine the Gates of Hell complete with a lake of fire, as a brightly colored lunar landscape. If this makes your imagination run wild – start packing your bags, this may be that one trip of a lifetime that all others will be measured against.

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Arenal Volcano National Park

Visited in March 2016.

All seasoned travelers have had at least one disappointing trip. At some point, things start to seem familiar or even worse, inferior to what you’ve already seen and you start questioning your choice of destination. I hate to admit it, but this happened to me in Costa Rica. By the middle of my trip, I was feeling somewhat underwhelmed. I had not seen as many animals, as I had expected, had little interest in many of the activities on offer, and was starting to question whether coming to here was the right decision. And then on my fourth morning in country, I was on the bus to La Fortuna from Monteverde, we turned the corner and there was Arenal in all its glory. What a sight! It made me remember why I love travelling so much and why I had wanted to come here to begin with.

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