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Meeting the Fulani Bororo in Chad

Visited in September 2016

I’ve spent 4 years working in Chad on rotation and despite my best efforts to the contrary, have not seen as much of this fascinating country as I’d like. Chad is beautiful and while it is neither cheap nor easy to get to or travel around, it there is enough to see here to make the trip worthwhile for the avid traveler.  Meeting the Fulani Bororo people is easily one of the highlights of my Chad experience.

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Hamer Bull Jumping Ceremony

Visited in February, 2015

Bull Jumping is the culmination of a three-day initiation ceremony, which every Hamer and Bena man goes through and it is a fascinating part of these Omo Valley tribes’ cultures. The tribes allow visitors to witness the bull jumping for a fee and the money you pay helps the jumper’s family with the cost of the ceremony. This allows the families to hold bull jumping earlier in the young man’s life. As a visitor, I found the Hamer ceremony fascinating, and recommend that any visitor to the area witness this.

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Meeting the Batwa people in Buhoma

Visited in July 2014.

Sometimes the best travel experiences are found when you least expect them. We were in Buhoma, a gateway village outside of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park on the day after a successful gorilla tracking experience and were looking for one last activity before driving to Kigali. The idea to do this tour came from my Lonely Planet guidebook and this was another highlight in a three-week African trip already full of them.

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