Meeting the Batwa people in Buhoma

Visited in July 2014.

Sometimes the best travel experiences are found when you least expect them. We were in Buhoma, a gateway village outside of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park on the day after a successful gorilla tracking experience and were looking for one last activity before driving to Kigali. The idea to do this tour came from my Lonely Planet guidebook and this was another highlight in a three-week African trip already full of them.

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Addis Ababa

Last visited in June 2016

Serving as home to the headquarters of the African Union, the UN Economic Commission for Africa and a host of other international organizations, Addis Ababa is sometimes called Africa’s political capital and like many other world capitals, it’s far from the most interesting place in Ethiopia. But there is no avoiding the city on any tour of the country, as it serves as the location of Ethiopia’s only international airport.  And Addis is not without its charms. The city does has some interesting sights, modern tourist infrastructure and a thriving art scene. Continue reading Addis Ababa

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

UNESCO World Heritage List Inscription Details

Visited in July 2014

Bwindi is home to 340 or more than a third of the world’s remaining 800 mountain gorillas and  gorilla tracking is without a doubt one of my most memorable travel experiences. I highly recommend it to anyone. However there are a few things to keep in mind when planning this “trip of a lifetime” : you have to plan far in advance, as permits are limited, the trip is not  cheap, and there is no guarantee you will actually see the gorillas, although the park estimates your chances at 95%. In my view however, this trip is definitely worth the expense and risk of disappointment.

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