Arenal Volcano National Park

Visited in March 2016.

All seasoned travelers have had at least one disappointing trip. At some point, things start to seem familiar or even worse, inferior to what you’ve already seen and you start questioning your choice of destination. I hate to admit it, but this happened to me in Costa Rica. By the middle of my trip, I was feeling somewhat underwhelmed. I had not seen as many animals, as I had expected, had little interest in many of the activities on offer, and was starting to question whether coming to here was the right decision. And then on my fourth morning in country, I was on the bus to La Fortuna from Monteverde, we turned the corner and there was Arenal in all its glory. What a sight! It made me remember why I love travelling so much and why I had wanted to come here to begin with.

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Notes from several trips in 2014, 2015 and 2016

For many people of my generation, the first thing that comes to mind when Ethiopia is mentioned is the horrible famine that ravaged the country in the 1980s, the worldwide relief effort, “Live Aid” and “We are the World”. While Ethiopia today is still very poor, it’s developing fast and is a much more prosperous place, than these stereotypes would have one believe. Furthermore, the country is wonderfully diverse and incredibly rich in history and culture, with some sites that truly are wonders of the world. But it’s greatest asset are the gentle and hospitable people who live here and make all visitors feel welcome and at home. When I first visited in summer of 2014, I immediately fell in love with the country and came back for a longer trip in 2015 with friends, and then again in 2016 for a photography workshop. I am sure I will keep coming back and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all travelers who value excitement and beauty over comfort.

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